Space Classified, scheduled for Wednesday, April 1, 2020, is a separate forum for approved government and industry participants. Open to U.S. citizens and invited FVEY partners. TS//SI/TK//REL FVEY security clearance is required. This event is not included as part of your 36th Space Symposium registration. Additional fee required to attend.

Due to the venue’s limited capacity and the popularity of this event, demand far exceeds supply (specifically, the number of seats available). As a result, individuals from both Industry and Government interested in attending must be pre-approved to register.

Space Classified registration fee:

$1,270 - Industry / Educator / Nonprofit / Contractor

$680 - Active Military / Government

For Industry

The industry block is set aside specifically for 2020 Space Foundation Corporate Member companies. In late January 2020, the Space Classified point of contact assigned from each member company will receive information regarding the number of available seats and the process for submitting the names and email addresses of company employees approved to register for the event. Interested parties must get approval and instructions from their company point of contact. Once registered, attendees will receive information about submitting clearances.

For a list of Space Foundation Corporate Members or information regarding benefits or how to join, please visit: If you do not know who is the space classified point of contact at your company, please contact Michelle Derges at [email protected] after January 6, 2020.

Only Space Foundation Corporate Member companies can participate.

For Government Only

A very limited number of seats has been set aside for purchase by government employees. The Space Foundation will make every effort to select participants that will represent a wide range of USG agencies and departments.

If you are a U.S. government employee (not a contractor) and interested in attending, please fill out a seat request to be considered for one of the allotted seats. You will be notified in mid-February if there is a seat available for you to purchase. Since seating is extremely limited, we are unable to accommodate support staff.

Note: active military/government email address will need to be verified.

Contact us if you have additional questions.