Dr. Adriana Blachowicz

Science Officer and Microbiologist
Sensoria 6

Dr. Adriana Blachowicz has been affiliated with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for more than five years during which she has been conducting space biology research implementing multiomic approach to infer the fungal adaptation mechanisms. While pursuing her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Southern California (USC), Adriana led a study that sent different fungal species to the International Space Station (ISS) to investigate their adaptation to the space environment. Overall, she believes that fungi have the potential to be genetically engineered to replace traditional medicines and overcome the shelf life limitations with paramount implications for missions involving long permanence in space. Adriana also analyzed the alterations in the microbiome during the simulated mission in the Inflated Lunar/Mars Analogue Habitat (ILMAH), proving that the dynamics of both bacterial and fungal populations is affected by the human presence in closed habitats.

In her free time, Adriana is an avid reader who enjoys traveling and exploring new places with a pair of running shoes and a backpack. More recently, she discovered a new passion for dancing salsa, which she enjoys and practices with her close friends.

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