John de Lancie


John de Lancie is an American actor, director, producer, voice artist and writer. As an actor he has performed in a couple hundred TV shows and a dozen movies. He is most well-known for his role as “Q” in Star Trek, Breaking Bad, and for the younger generation, My Little Pony. John has been a member of: The Mark Taper Forum, American Shakespeare Festival, Seattle Repertory Theatre, and South Coast RepertoryHe has also performed and written programming for numerous symphony orchestras: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Los Angeles. John and Leonard Nimoy owned a production company, Alien Voices, that produced TV and audiobooks of classic science fiction novels.

John’s latest project is about the 2005 Dover, PA Intelligent Design Trial. It’s a play that draws a clear understanding between what is science and what is faith.

But when all is said and done, he would rather be sailing. 

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