Download the graphics kit for print and web optimized graphics related to the 35th Space Symposium.

The graphics kit contains the following:

  • 35th Space Symposium Masthead
    • SS35 Masthead.jpg
    • SS35 Masthead.png
  • 35th Space Symposium Official Logo - PNG and JPEG
    • (35th) SS35Logo-slvrSF-stars.png
    • (35th) SS35Logo-slvrSF-stars.jpg
    • (35th) SS35Logo-slvrSF-no stars.png
    • (35th) SS35Logo-slvrSF-no stars.jpg
  • 35th Space Symposium Poster (No sponsor logo; keep URL and Artist name in)
    • SS35 Poster_Large.jpg
    • SS35 Poster_small.jpg
  • 35th Space Symposium Desktop Wallpaper
    • (35SS branding) laptop_wallpaper_1280x1024.jpg
    • (35SS branding) laptop_wallpaper_1680x1050.jpg
  • Space Foundation Logo
    • SFlogoCMYK_revised_large.jpg
    • SFlogoCMYK_revised_large.png
    • SF Logo White Larg JPEG
    • SF Logo White Large PNG


35th Space Symposium Graphics Kit (26.6 MB)
Space Foundation Graphics Standards (634 KB)