Sam Peterson

Director of Strategy & Innovation
Swedish Space Corporation

Mr. Peterson is the Director of Strategy & Innovation for the Swedish Space Corporation. SSC has the most advanced commercial ground station network in the world supporting requirements for NASA, ESA, ISRO, and privately funded missions for more than two decades. Mr. Peterson heads up customer support for lunar missions globally and the full range of mission profiles for customers in the Americas region. Prior to SSC, Mr. Peterson served as a Ground Operations Engineer for the European Space Agency where he led a global team-of-teams during the launch and early orbit phase of ten ESA and partner agency spacecraft. He started his career supporting the U.S. military, first as an enlisted satellite communications technician, and then as a contractor with assignments in Japan and Germany. He is also sometimes called Professor Peterson by students of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he has been a member of the adjunct faculty for more than ten years.

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