Tech Track provides the opportunity for candidates from all backgrounds to present twenty-minute technical talks. Topics cover technical ideas surrounding space launch, spacecraft technologies, architectures, processes, strategies, and updates.

Tech Track

The diversity of Technical Track presentations and speaker topics are drawing increasing numbers of interest from surprising market sectors. Not only from those traditionally involved in industry, but newcomers and new generations wishing to learn more of the challenges and solutions facing the space industry. Growing numbers of the Technical Track audience members have seized upon opportunities to chat with the event's presenters.

Presentation Content

Abstracts and papers must cover, or be related to, one of the following topics:

  1. Science and Exploration: human, planetary, etc.
  2. Space Tech: hardware, launch, and space operations, infrastructure, small satellite, commercial launch, etc.
  3. Space applications: Earth observation, data, etc.
  4. Space and Society: Policy, space situational awareness, education, governance, Future Space, STEM, future space strategy, etc.

Emphasis should be given to recent issues, activities, or emerging technologies.

Past Tech Track presenters ranged in age, profession, and background. Students have presented their ideas at Tech Track, as have engineers, professors, and lawyers. Whether from Europe, Japan, the U.S., or other nations, Tech Track presenters provided valuable information and insight in the challenges they’ve faced and overcome.

Papers from Previous Tech Track Events

2020 Tech Track Papers and Presentations will not be available online until after all Tech Track presentations have been completed.