Volunteer at Space Symposium! By volunteering at this premier space industry event, you help support our vision in Advocating for Innovation. Bettering Life on Earth.. As a nonprofit organization, Space Foundation relies heavily on volunteer support at our events, and we really appreciate your valuable time.

Volunteer Requirements

To be a volunteer at Space Symposium, you must meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old by April 2022
  • Dress in accordance with our Business Attire dress code.
  • Provide two or more references if you have not volunteered with us before.
  • Understand that the Volunteer Program  Manager will evaluate your skills and preferences in order to place you in the best role.
  • Out-of-town volunteers, please contact the Volunteer Program Manager to discuss the possibility of volunteering with capacity and training/orientations in mind.

There may be additional requirements based on a particular job or activity.

Volunteer Benefits

Over 350 volunteers donate their time

We truly appreciate your support to help run the 37th Space Symposium! To show our thanks, volunteers who work a minimum of four hours at Space Symposium will recieve an exhibit center pass, as well as options to attend a speaker session, (specific days/sessions will be shared at a later time). We hope you find benefit in the opportunity to support the premier gathering of the global space ecosystem. Other volunteer benefits are being strategically planned and will be shared.


Volunteer Program Manager Jennifer Walters is happy to answer your questions any time. Contact her by email at [email protected].

We will begin volunteer registration mid-January 2022. More details will be available at that time.