Volunteer at Space Symposium! By volunteering at this premier space industry event, you help support our vision in Advocating for Innovation. Bettering Life on Earth.. As a nonprofit organization, Space Foundation relies heavily on volunteer support at our events, and we really appreciate your valuable time.

Volunteer Requirements

To be a volunteer at Space Symposium, you must meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old by April 2022
  • Dress in accordance with our Business Attire dress code.
  • Provide two or more references if you have not volunteered with us before.
  • Understand that the Volunteer Program  Manager will evaluate your skills and preferences in order to place you in the best role.
  • Out-of-town volunteers, please contact the Volunteer Program Manager to discuss the possibility of volunteering with capacity and training/orientations in mind.

There may be additional requirements based on a particular job or activity.

Volunteer Benefits

Over 350 volunteers donate their time

We truly appreciate your support to help run the 37th Space Symposium! To show our thanks, volunteers benefits are as follows:

  • Volunteers who volunteer for one shift, during symposium, will be able to tour the exhibit halls one time during the week of 37th Space Symposium. This can be the same day as your shift, or days after your shift to. The exhibit hall volunteer tour days are for Tuesday – Thursday, when the exhibit hall is open. This does not include Monday evening. We will have a volunteer lounge with very light snacks and light beverages. We will also have a thank you gift for volunteering. If you would like us to send a note to a supervisor or commander with a note of your volunteer efforts, we are happy to do so.
  • Volunteers who work two more shifts will be able to tour the exhibit halls, again, Tuesday – Thursday when the exhibit halls are open. This does not include Monday evening. Two or more shifts will also gain you access to a speaker session of your choosing for In-person on Wednesday or Thursday. You may pick more than one session on Wednesday and/or Thursday. If you volunteer two or more shifts, we will also send you the virtual link so you may see the speaker session on Tuesday. Due to the popularity of the Tuesday sessions, we do not have enough room to permit volunteers to attend that session in-person. We will also have a meal ticket for the concession counters in the exhibit hall, for those volunteering two or more shifts during symposium. These are open for lunch each day and some evenings for dinner, but not all. We will have a thank you gift for you. We are also happy to send a note to your supervisor or commander with a note of your volunteering efforts.

We hope you find benefit in the opportunity to support the premier gathering of the global space ecosystem.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us.
We are currently full in all volunteer areas.

You may reach out to Jennifer Walters at [email protected] to potentially be placed on a waitlist should any positions have openings.

We hope to see you next year at our 38th Space Symposium.


Volunteer Program Manager Jennifer Walters is happy to answer your questions any time. Contact her by email at [email protected].